A recent study by the COVID-19 Policing and Homelessness Initiative out of the University of Toronto mapped out the vagrancy-type offences that affect the homeless.

There are 217 bylaws across Canada containing 365 vagrancy-type offences, including infractions related to sheltering and loitering.

While panhandling is illegal provincewide, Barrie also has municipal bylaws on the books for things such as sheltering (camping or erecting materials such as tents, tarps or other covers in a public space), salvaging (collecting from recycling and refuse containers for personal use, to find edible food, or to collect bottles and cans with recycling value), obstructing (generally defined as bothering a pedestrian’s right to passage), and disorder (vaguely defined as behaviours the public may find to be undesirable).

Two additional city ordinances also prohibit loitering and resting/sleeping.