The NB Media Co-op editorial board recently reviewed its archive and found 64 articles tagged “social assistance” going back to the earliest days of our publication, February 2009. This archive is evidence of the many social injustices existing across New Brunswick. The majority of these injustices continue to exist in New Brunswick in 2019, ten years later. New Brunswickers are waiting for our government to take action.

Our stories include tales of hardship, food insecurity, and housing insecurity that affect thousands of New Brunswick residents who simply cannot afford to live within existing social assistance conditions. Our review of these articles found that successive governments in the last number of years have failed even to adjust the basic rate of social assistance for inflation. At the same time, our archive also contains stories about the lack of revenue coming into provincial coffers due to decreases in taxes on corporations and the most wealthy earners. The actions of successive governments to increase the wealth of our most privileged residents at the expense of our most vulnerable residents flies in the face of social justice.