Some residents and businesses around Stevens Road in West Kelowna feel they were blindsided by a proposal by BC Housing to place a temporary winter shelter in their neighbourhood.

BC Housing announced last Friday it would be applying to the city for a temporary use permit to set up the homeless shelter at 1160 Stevens Rd.

Area resident Shannon Gallivan said the news took the neighbourhood by surprise. She said letters had been sent out by BC Housing, but they didn’t arrive before the announcement.

“I didn’t hear about it until Friday, when you guys posted an article. Nobody knew, not even the neighbourhood residents because these (letters) went out in the mail,” she said.

She said the approach was not inclusive.

Gallivan questions the location, a mainly industrial area devoid of any services the homeless would need on a daily basis.

“We need it, we understand that, but the location is not appropriate,” said Gallivan.