Here are 10 things to know about affordable housing in Alberta specifically:

1. The previous provincial government undertook important initiatives pertaining to affordable housing.

2. According to the most recent Census, 11.4% of Alberta households experience core housing need, representing more than 164,000 households.

3. Seniors living alone in Alberta face particularly high rates of core housing need.

4. Female lone-parent households in Alberta also face a particularly high rate of core housing need.

5. Members of Alberta First Nations also experience very high rates of core housing need.

6. Housing typically constitutes a larger share of spending for low-income households (compared with middle- and higher-income households).

7. On a per capita basis, Alberta has far fewer subsidized housing units than the rest of Canada.

8. Some Alberta cities have much more low-cost rental housing (per capita) than others.

9. Going forward, the impact of the federal government’s National Housing Strategy will be modest.

10. There are considerable cost savings to be realized when investing in affordable housing, especially when the tenants have serious mental health challenges.