On Monday, the provincial government unveiled the long-awaited poverty-reduction plan, Together B.C., ending B.C.’s shameful chapter as the only province without a poverty-reduction strategy. As the last province to cross the finish line, B.C. had ample opportunity to learn from the successes and shortcomings of other provincial plans.

But we at Together Against Poverty Society can’t celebrate a plan that fails to meaningfully help those who are most marginalized by the status quo.

The poorest of the poor, including those on provincial income and disability assistance, are well past the point that the incrementalism offered by the plan can or should be tolerated. Successive provincial governments sat back idly for decades while B.C.’s poverty rates climbed to some of the highest in the country. B.C. continues to have the second highest rate of overall poverty in Canada, one of the highest rates of child poverty and, in Vancouver, the highest concentration of poverty of any major Canadian city.