The landlord said McLean asked police if he could evict the campers for trespassing, but was told Shebib as a tenant had a right to invite guests.

“The invitation was extended with goodwill and intention,” said [camp organizer Chrissy] Brett, adding the campers feel they have been shunted from place to place in their search for a safe haven. They spent five months at Saanich’s Regina Park and moved to Goldstream Provincial Park on Sept. 18 via Rudd Park and provincial green space off Ravine Way. After two weeks at Goldstream, they were forced to leave by B.C. Parks, since that’s the limit on camping in a provincial park.

“They are all somebody’s family, all somebody’s child, brother or sister or cousin and they belong somewhere and not just on a rubber mat or at two separate shelters that would split up couples,” said Brett.