Ontario’s decision to cut the basic income pilot study should trouble all Canadians

Canada has a problem with money — specifically, who has it and who doesn’t — and our current methods of making sure our fellow Canadians who don’t have it are OK are not working. The experiment might have helped us to understand new ways to support those among us who end up living on low incomes, and that would be good for us all.

Basic income is an idea that enjoys support across the political spectrum. It is an idea whose time may have come as we face more economic shocks that make more among us vulnerable, and as the gap between those of us with the most money and those with the least continues to grow.

But now, Ontario’s new government has announced that it will cut the pilot study. Not only is this inhumane to those who agreed to participate in this important research, but it will deprive us all, in Ontario and beyond, of the opportunity to learn how to do better.