Faulkner had been living on about $220 a month in social assistance payments and was sleeping rough in tents and makeshift shelters, and periodically at his on-again-off-again girlfriend’s home. On Jan. 13, 2015, his plywood shelter, which was part of an encampment behind a business near the intersection of McCowan Rd. and Sheppard Ave., caught fire and he perished.

This inquest and an upcoming investigation into the death of Brad Chapman, 43, are the first probes since 2007 to examine how and why homeless people died while living in Toronto.

The inquest for Chapman, who died on Aug. 26, 2015, after he was found without vital signs in a downtown alcove near the Chelsea Hotel, was scheduled for early July at the Forensic Services and Coroner’s Complex but that date has been pushed back. Chapman was rushed to hospital and — although his belongings included paperwork with his name on it — listed as a John Doe.