When you think of poverty, what type of person comes to mind?

You may think of someone who is homeless, a person who does not have a job, someone not contributing to society — perhaps someone who is lazy. Would you think of a middle-aged woman on disability due to unfortunate circumstances or a student at Thompson Rivers University?

For someone on disability or some students, this is a reality. Having to choose between food, rent, tuition or other basic needs is more common than most would think. Through our research, it surprised us that seniors, students, people on disability or social assistance and single-parent families with children fall under $20,000 annual income per year.

What are our political parties doing to reduce poverty? Beyond a poverty-reduction plan, what action are they taking? We are open to hearing what our MLA candidates have to say on the matter of poverty reduction and what are city councillors have to say about actions taken in Kamloops to reduce poverty.