This Living Wage report outlines how much a family in Sudbury would need to make, working full-time, in order to live with dignity and participate as active citizens in our community,” said Nicole Beaulieu, executive director of SWEAC.

The report, developed with input from various community stakeholders and members, addresses the reality that Sudbury low-income workers are not earning enough to meet their family’s basic needs. Sudbury’s Living Wage amount is calculated at $16.18/hr.

A national food policy is a long-term vision for food and agriculture in Canada in order to ensure our food system meets the needs of Canadians by providing a safe, adequate and sustainable food supply.

Food Secure Canada and the South Niagara chapter of the Council of Canadians are pushing for every federal party to develop one. So far, only the NDP and Green Party have a formal national strategy for ensuring Canada can produce food and feed itself.

Healthy foods are becoming increasingly difficult for low-income households to afford as food prices soar, according to a new regional report.

The cost of feeding a family of four a healthy diet in Waterloo Region this year is $195 a week, up just over five per cent from 2014 — a jump of more than $40 a month. In the past five years, the cost has risen 13.5 per cent.

“I think it really does illustrate the challenge for the families who want to feed their children well,” said Sharlene Sedgwick Walsh, regional director of healthy living, planning and promotion.

Too many families across this country are struggling to find jobs and put food on the table. But somehow their stories and their concerns are being all but ignored in a federal election campaign that seems to be focused only on the middle class.

The election isn’t until Oct. 19. There’s still time for politicians to pay serious attention to the issues highlighted by reports like Vital Signs.