A recent public opinion poll claims homelessness is the top priority of Ottawans. Yet more than halfway through an ambitious 10-year strategy to eliminate the scourge of chronic homelessness in Ottawa, the situation is getting far worse, not better,

You don’t see residents flooding city hall with complaints over that failure the way they do over potholes or ugly expansions to the Château Laurier. If they did, we might start to see real progress in resolving a crisis that, right now, is nothing less than a disgrace.

Since the ambitious city-wide strategy of eliminating chronic homelessness was launched in 2014, the number of people forced into emergency shelters has actually grown nearly 22 per cent, according to figures released last week by the Alliance to End Homelessness. This is not what success on the homeless front was supposed to look like and it certainly doesn’t suggest Ottawans are sufficiently seized with the issue.